Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alright, who here is sick of hearing about the gay cowboys?

I sure am. I found this article, this one, this one, and this one, all in a matter of minutes. I'm gettin' tired of hearing about the homo cowboys! Let the people who are going to see it see it, and let people like me who would rather die than see it forget about it. Not to mention the fact that this is not a very sly way to show support for the homsexual agenda. I don't know of any movie in my lifetime that received such rave, and so many, reviews, at least not since "Million Dollar Baby."


Remember our fallen allies...

100th British Service Member Dies in Iraq.

To the British and all of our allies...


Alito Sworn In as Nation's 110th Supreme Court Justice

Samuel Alito was sworn in as the nation's 110th Supreme Court justice on
Tuesday, less than two hours after the Senate voted 58-42 to confirm him to the
nation's highest court. Chief Justice John Roberts administered the judicial
oath and constitutional oath, by which Alito pledged equal justice for the rich
and the poor and to uphold the Constitution, respectively. It was the first time
the nation's new chief justice has ever administered the oaths to an associate
I wonder what Ted Kennedy's going to say...


Monday, January 30, 2006

He screams! He shouts!

(Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.)

Happen to see the Ted Kennedy meltdown? Here's a portion of it, as live blogged by Michelle Malkin.

"'...All you have to do, Mr. President, is look back into the history. Look back into the history of the judiciary. Look back to the history of the 5th Circuit, that were (sic) making the decisions in the 1950s. Look at the record of Judge Wisdom. Judge Tuttle. Judge Johnson of Alabama. The courage that they demonstrated that said that at last we are going to break down the walls of discrimination in this country, that have gripped this nation for 200 years. Our founding fathers failed the test when they wrote slavery into the Constitution!' (He's screaming.) . . .
And that is what we are doing (voice quavering) with this nominee. HE FAILED TO DEMONSTRATE before this Judiciary Committee that he was committed to the continued march for progress...'"

My response to Kennedy's ridiculous rage...


Just for fun; here's a rough transcript of a conversation I had with a couple of Republican friends the other day. I'll call them Tom, Dick, and Harry, just for clarification.

Tom: "Ted Kennedy really shot himself in the foot with that Chappaquiddick thing, you know."
Harry: (snickering) "Yeah, murder's pretty bad."
Tom: "That John Kerry; he's the one that really worries me..."
Dick: (insert Austrialian accent) "John Kerry? Why the long face?"

Just so you know that I hang out with smart people!!

Oh, yeah, back to what I was originally posting about...
Expose The Left has the video of Kennedy's meltdown.


Kidnapped U.S. Journalist in New Videotape

"CAIRO, Egypt — The U.S. journalist Jill Carroll, weeping and veiled,
appeared on a new videotape aired Monday by Al-Jazeera... At one point,
Carroll's cracking voice can be heard from behind the newsreader's voice. All
that can be heard is Carroll saying, " ... hope for the families ..." Carroll, a
freelance reporter for the Christian Science Monitor, was seized Jan. 7 by the
previously unknown Revenge Brigades, which threatened to kill her unless all
women prisoners were released. Al-Jazeera did not report any deadline or threat
to kill her Monday."

Maybe I'm wrong in this, but I feel absolutely no "Christian love" for her captors. They are sick, evil people who need to see Justice, and soon. Anyone who would do something like that is a despicable sub-human being.

As far as Jill is concerned, I can only hope and pray that she somehow comes home, but I don't think that's very likely. Animals like her kidnappers rarely show any compassion.


Best Blogger Award.

I've been nominated for
Best So Far Blog Awards ~ January 2006!!!!

I nominated Rebekah @
Eye Of The Storm in the Political category and Gayle @ Let Our Voices Be Heard...Laughing for Humor blog.

You can nominate yourself or others by emailing
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The categories are as follows:
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Email voting will be from Feb. 1st - 5th. Winners will be announced on on the 5th as well.



Vote for In The Pines!!


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Just a greiving mother?

Cindy Sheehan Considering Senate Run.
CARACAS, Venezuela — Cindy Sheehan, the peace activist who set
up camp near President Bush's Texas ranch last summer, said Saturday she is
considering running against Sen. Dianne Feinstein to protest what she called the
California lawmaker's support for the war in Iraq.

And that's not all. Read the last line:

Sheehan and other peace activists met Saturday with Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez, himself a critic of Bush and the Iraq war. "He said, why don't I
run for president?"... [Sheehan] said.

And why not a Sheehan/Chavez ticket? Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

And he just got weirder and weirder...

    Jacko Spotted in Robe and Veil.
    MANAMA, Bahrain — Pop star Michael Jackson took a shopping trip
    to a Bahrain mall Wednesday, covering himself in a black abaya robe
    traditionally worn by Bahraini women and a veil hiding his face, along with
    three children — apparently his — with their faces covered with dark scarves.

    So, here's a question from someone who grew up thinking Michael Jackson had always been a white woman - when did this guy stop being an entertainer and start being a county-fair freak show?


Attention all Conservative Kids!!

The "Conservative Kids" blog that I'm a member of is in bad need of posting. To join, all you have to do is send an email to webmaster@conservative-kids.com, and she'll send you an invite to join the blog. All you have to be is a Conservative kid!


Don't you just love the ACLU?

    Male Student Wins Fight to Wear Skirt to School.

    HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, N.J. — A male high school student can wear a
    skirt to school after the American Civil Liberties Union reached an agreement
    with school officials.
    The ACLU announced the deal Tuesday. It will allow a
    Hasbrouck Heights School senior to wear a skirt to protest the school's
    no-shorts policy.

    I don't necessarily agree or disagree with what the student or school is doing - but don't you think that the ACLU had better things to do? Someone somewhere is actually losing their Civil Liberties and where is the ACLU? Fighting for the kid who wants to wear skirts. Sweet.


    Tuesday, January 24, 2006

    Conservatives win Canadian Election!!

    Yipee for my Canadian blogging friends! Conservatives down here are celebrating, too!!

    God Bless Canada & America :)


    Monday, January 23, 2006

    Venezuelan VP to Sen. McCain: 'Go to Hell'

    CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela's vice president derided Sen. John
    McCain for suggesting that "wackos" run the South American country, saying
    Monday that the United States should focus on its own problems.
    Jose Vicente
    Rangel was responding to McCain's statement on Sunday that America must explore
    alternative energy sources to avoid depending on Iran or "wackos" in Venezuela —
    apparently a reference to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
    "It looks like
    they have nothing else to do in the United States," Rangel said, adding that the
    Americans have "so many problems, 40 million poor people, 30 million drug users,
    and an American senator is paying attention to us. He can go to hell."

    Hmm, interesting. Why don't we say the same to them?


    My 100th Post!!

    Yeehaw, I finally made it. So I'll do what Rebekah did and post a bunch of non-related pics. Here's my post about nothing!

    Mmmm. . . Chocolate.


    A dancing cow. Sweet. I think I can literally feel my IQ dropping.


    You didn't think I could get through this without making fun of liberals, now did you?


    Alright I'll stop it and get back to intelligent blogging.


    Code Pink can't protest outside Walter Reed Hospital anymore!

      (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.)

      The looney, treasonous, liberal organization apparantly didn't renew their permit. The permit now belongs to (hehehe) the DC Chapter of Protest Warrior. Yeeehaaw!!


      Segregation in Alabama schools.

        You have to be from the South to get this one! The sign in front of the students reads "Tuscaloosa Elementary."

          GO AUBURN!!


          Saturday, January 21, 2006

          Tell me, why is this guy still around?

          Because he's getting a little scary.

          Crazy, just crazy. This is not only insulting to the Homeland Security Department, but to the people who really know what the Gestapo was. I think that we should just ship this kook off to Venezuela or Cuba. Don't you think it's ironic that celebrities and rabble rousers who worship Socialism don't ever want to live under it? Seems to me that Capitalism is treating ol' Harry pretty well - he lives in a posh, very upscale area of Southern California. Why doesn't he just move to Government subsidised housing in Cuba?


          Wednesday, January 18, 2006

          I'm just wasting my time here . . .

          The John Kerry Loyalty Quiz.

          Your score is 0 on a scale of 1 to 10. You hate John Kerry with every fiber of your being. He is the embodiment of everything you despise in a politician: a weak, liberal, flip-flopping, elitist, condescending appeaser who threatens all that is good and decent in America. Worst of all, you think he looks French.

          Your Irish Name Is...

          Jade Butler

          Hmm. . . . nice name, but it doesn't really work; it's random. I put my name in twice and got two different names.

          You Are Likely an Only Child

          At your darkest moments, you feel frustrated.
          At work and school, you do best when you're organizing.
          When you love someone, you tend to worry about them.

          In friendship, you are emotional and sympathetic.
          Your ideal careers are: radio announcer, finance, teaching, ministry, and management.
          You will leave your mark on the world with organizational leadership, maybe as the author of self-help books.

            Interesting; but I have 4 siblings. I am the second-oldest, although I'm only a few seconds away from being third-oldest (I'm a twin.) I have been the oldest kid living at home for most of my life.

              Alright, alright - I'll stop; but you have to admit, these things are addictive!


              Tuesday, January 17, 2006

              Al-Jazeera Airs Tape of American Journalist Hostage

              From Fox News.

              CAIRO, Egypt — American journalist Jill Carroll will be killed unless
              the United States frees all female prisoners in Iraq, according to a videotape
              aired on Arab television Tuesday.

              Don't you just love those peaceful Muslims? The first thing I thought was this: I wonder if she's being allowed to practice her religion and provided with the tools to do so? I wonder if she's getting 3 warm meals a day - meals that accommodate her religious preferences, of course? I wonder if she's living better than she was living back home? I really doubt it. And that is why I get mad when people complain about G'itmo and so-called torture. I don't know of any Muslim prisoners that have been beheaded yet. As of now; feeding them cold meals is supposedly inhuman. Well, just ask Dick Durbin. He should know.

                I can just hope and pray that she will come home safely.


                Nagin wants New Orleans to be "chocolate" again

                "Nagin promised that New Orleans will be a 'chocolate' city again. 'It's time
                for us to come together. It's time for us to rebuild New Orleans the one that
                should be a chocolate New Orleans,' the mayor said. 'This city will be a
                majority African American city. It's the way God wants it to be. You can't have
                New Orleans no other way. It wouldn't be New Orleans.'"

                All I know is that no white Mayor could ever get away with this baloney. I happen to live in a town that is majority white with a white Mayor. It was also hit hard by Hurricanes over the past 2 years. And you know what - if my Mayor ever said anything close to this; there would be national outrage. He probably wouldn't get away with having the grammer skills of a middle school moron, either, but that's just my opinion.

                For a humorous look on this, you can check out my brother's blog.

                My only question is this: how on earth did this nincompoop ever get elected? I guess there's no denying it - America is truly a land of opportunity.


                Sunday, January 15, 2006

                Iran to Hold Conference on Validity of Holocaust

                TEHRAN, Iran — Iran announced plans Sunday for a conference to examine
                evidence for the Holocaust, a new step in hard-line President Mahmoud
                Ahmadinejad's campaign against Israel.

                Examine evidence? As if there is any need to, but he's probably a big fan of Hitler anyway. Anyone who is this crazy would be crazy enough to attack someone whom he thought was aiding or allied with Israel. I just hope that something can be done before he becomes even more powerful.


                Tuesday, January 10, 2006


                TIMMONS, BRUCE ALLAN
                Name: Bruce Allan Timmons
                Branch/Rank: United States Navy/E4
                Unit: TF 115, PCF Division-102, USNAVFORV
                Date of Birth: 20 July 1947
                Home City of Record: FORT LAUDERDALE FL
                Date of Loss: 15 November 1966
                Country of Loss: South Vietnam
                Loss Coordinates: 0 0
                Status (in 1973): Killed In Action/Body Not Recovered

                Well, you're probably wondering why I posted this. Here's how it is. We are currently doing some cleaning. I came across my Mom's old POW bracelet. I wondered what happened to him, and decided to try to find him. It only took a quick search on AskJeeves.com to find this website. It just happened to turn out that he wasn't one of the ones who had a happy ending. It just got me to thinking how many people are still over there. All that haven't come home alive from Vietnam yet have been declared "presumed dead," but that doesn't mean their bodies have been found, and there is some chance that some of them are even still alive. But just think about it - over 30 years later - and their families still don't have closure. I am just posting this to remind everyone, myself included, to remember those left behind. Not just in Vietnam, but in WWII, The Korean War, Vietnam and The Gulf War. Always remember.


                Monday, January 09, 2006

                Harry Belafonte is at it again.

                Belafonte Says Bush Is 'Greatest Terrorist in the World,' Praises Venezuelan Dictator.

                Yup, he's at it again. Leading a "delegation of Americans" traveling to Venezuela, he appeared on Chavez's radio and TV broadcast. After assuring the dictator that "millions" of Americans "support his revolution," calling Bush the "Greatest Terrorist in the World," and (of course) complaining about "discrimination," he finished by shouting in Spanish: "Viva la revolucion!"



                Sunday, January 08, 2006

                Just having fun here . . .

                This is a meme that Robosquirrel did. It seemed like fun, so here it is. The point of it is to pick a band/artist and then answer questions about yourself using titles of the band's songs. I deleted some of the questions that didn't apply to me, and added a few of my own.

                My band/artist: Dolly Parton
                Are you female or male: Just Because I'm a Woman
                Describe yourself: Red, White and Bluegrass
                How do some people feel about you: Here You Come Again
                How do you feel about yourself: We Irish
                Describe where you want to be: In The Pines
                Describe what you want to be: Eagle When She Flies
                Describe how you live: I Believe
                Describe how you love: Marry Me
                Share a few words of wisdom: Hold Fast To The Right
                Describe your looks: The Camel's Heart
                Describe people that really get on your nerves: Peace Train
                Where do you live? Home for Pete's Sake
                Describe your average neighbor: Hillbilly Willy

                Alright - I'll stop thinking up questions to match the songs . . .


                Thursday, January 05, 2006

                Just feeling extra silly today . . .

                "City Workers" by me :)

                I look on the street and what do I see?
                City workers stare back at me.
                They spend their whole day talking,
                taking breaks to do some walking.
                They lean on shovels and they sigh and moan,
                wonder when they can go home.
                Some are Black, some are White,
                and betwixt the races sometimes they fight.
                They talk, they sing, they go on strike!
                Will they do any work before they die?!
                No, they're not paid enough to try.
                "Joe don't do his work, why should I?"
                That is their constant cry.
                There's Hurricane work - tons and tons!
                Thank the Lord for Mexicans!


                Wednesday, January 04, 2006

                David Letterman: "I'm not smart enough to debate Bill O'Reilly"

                Hat tip: Michelle Malkin. The Political Teen has the video.

                That is one thing I certainly believe. Bill O'Reilly was on Letterman's show last night, and ol' Dave came out in true moonbat fashion. First he said "I'm not smart enough to debate your point on this," then he said sixty percent of what O'Reilly says is "crap," then he ever so gleefully admitted that, no, he doesn't watch The Factor, he just "knows." Hmm. . . sounds about like the average intellectual liberal.

                Liberal: The war is bad!
                Conservative: Why?
                Liberal: Bush is bad!
                Conservative: Clinton, Kerry, Kennedy and others agreed that there were WMDs in Iraw, that is, before it became fashionable to say otherwise.
                Liberal: You are such a fascist!!
                Conservative: Don't you think Iraq is better without Saddam?
                Liberal: The war is bad!

                Sound familiar?


                Just sickening.

                Taliban Beheads Teacher for Educating Girls.

                "KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Taliban militants beheaded a teacher in a central
                Afghan town while his wife and eight children watched, officials said Wednesday,
                describing the latest in a string of attacks targeting educators at schools
                where girls study. The assailants made Habib's wife, four sons and four
                daughters watch.

                Zabul, a remote and mountainous province populated
                mainly by Pashtuns and bordering Pakistan, is a hotbed of Taliban militancy.

                There has been a series of attacks on girls' schools and teachers across
                Afghanistan since the Taliban regime fell. In October, gunmen killed a
                headmaster in front of his students at a boys' school in southern Kandahar
                province, the former stronghold of the Taliban regime."

                Just sickening. I have big doubts about the "religion of peace" claim when I hear things like this.

                It also makes me wonder why there wasn't gigantic liberal support for the war in Afghanistan. After all, don't you think getting an education is more of a right than getting an abortion?



                That is the only word I can think of for this. This has nothing to do with politics, but I just had to post about it anyway.

                "ST. LOUIS (AP) - For sale: One albino snake. Has two heads. Asking $150,000 or
                best offer. The World Aquarium in St. Louis has been home to We, a one-of-a-kind
                two-headed albino rat snake, since 1999. President Leonard Sonnenschein has
                decided to sell the reptile, and bidding on ReptileAuction.com will start at
                Apparantly, this thing isn't Siamese twin snakes, it really is a single creature with two heads. "We" has a better chance of survival than most because

                " . . .unlike some two-headed animals, both mouths are connected to the same
                Creepy, if you ask me. So weird.


                Tuesday, January 03, 2006

                Kerry '08?

                From Fox News.

                WASHINGTON — It's almost as if Sen. John Kerry never stopped running
                for president.
                He still jets across the country, raising millions of dollars
                and rallying Democrats. He still stalks the TV news show circuit, scolding
                President Bush at every turn.

                I say more power to him. I don't think that anyone - especially someone with Kerry's *ahem* personality; or lack thereof - can take the Dem. nomination away from Hillary, but possibly another big time candidate could take at least some of the support and the "another Clinton" factor away from Hillary. So, what do you think?


                Monday, January 02, 2006

                My other brother enters the blogosphere!

                Edward has decided to get his own blog. Edward is my other younger brother (he's 13) and has started "The Gun Dude" about politics, gun rights, and sports. As of now, he only has 1 post, but I'm trying to get him to start posting more. I think he'd like it if you guys commented.


                This is just crazy.

                Can you guess who BET viewers named as 2005's person of the year? (Hat tip, Michelle Malkin and Eye of The Storm.) Here are a few quotes from him:

                "It appears that there is a genocidal plan against Black people."

                "The Jews . . . call me Hitler. Well, that's a good name. Hitler was a very great man."

                "They call them terrorists, I call them freedom fighters."

                "Many of the Jews who owned the homes, the apartments in the black community, we considered them bloodsuckers because they took from our community and built their community but didn't offer anything back to our community."
                Source for quotes: BrainyQuotes.com

                Yup, that would be none other than Louis Farrakhan. The same Louis Farrakhan who said the levees were blown up. Who says Sean Hannity is a "devil." Who says there is a "mother ship." Who says (this one is especially brilliant) that the Black Panther Party founder, Elijah Muhammed, didn't die but was taken on a spaceship.

                Hmm. . . . I was trying to think of any white person who is comparable to this, but I couldn't stretch my mind to imagine that there could ever be a White Entertainment Television.