Monday, January 30, 2006

He screams! He shouts!

(Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.)

Happen to see the Ted Kennedy meltdown? Here's a portion of it, as live blogged by Michelle Malkin.

"'...All you have to do, Mr. President, is look back into the history. Look back into the history of the judiciary. Look back to the history of the 5th Circuit, that were (sic) making the decisions in the 1950s. Look at the record of Judge Wisdom. Judge Tuttle. Judge Johnson of Alabama. The courage that they demonstrated that said that at last we are going to break down the walls of discrimination in this country, that have gripped this nation for 200 years. Our founding fathers failed the test when they wrote slavery into the Constitution!' (He's screaming.) . . .
And that is what we are doing (voice quavering) with this nominee. HE FAILED TO DEMONSTRATE before this Judiciary Committee that he was committed to the continued march for progress...'"

My response to Kennedy's ridiculous rage...


Just for fun; here's a rough transcript of a conversation I had with a couple of Republican friends the other day. I'll call them Tom, Dick, and Harry, just for clarification.

Tom: "Ted Kennedy really shot himself in the foot with that Chappaquiddick thing, you know."
Harry: (snickering) "Yeah, murder's pretty bad."
Tom: "That John Kerry; he's the one that really worries me..."
Dick: (insert Austrialian accent) "John Kerry? Why the long face?"

Just so you know that I hang out with smart people!!

Oh, yeah, back to what I was originally posting about...
Expose The Left has the video of Kennedy's meltdown.