Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Nationalism defined

Elizabeth Hasselbeck supporting President-elect Obama.

Hasselbeck said her daughter Grace, 3, had asked her who won and who lost the election. "No one lost," Hasselbeck said she told her child. "Seriously, today is a victory for this country."

"I will get in a long line of supporters … for this president," she said.

Now, I don't suggest that we should all spew vicious hate against Obama. I've seen plenty of that in the past few days, and it's not pretty. It's not right, either. Spreading hate like that is not only destructive to us, it's also dangerous. There are plenty of enraged, crazy people out there, and the last thing we need is for something crazy to happen. I don't care fpr Obama, but I certainly don't want some crazy nutcase killing him, either. I also agree with the notion of tentatively "giving the guy a chance", if you will, of waiting until he actually does something to criticize. That's reasonable.

But supporting someone just because he's the President? Excuse me, but aren't our politicians supposed to be public servants? He's Constitutionally set up for a reason, and that reason is not to be our beloved, revered leader whose respected above all other.