Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Michael Moore isn't truthful? You don't say!

Iraq Vet Sues Michael Moore for Misleading Interview in 'Fahrenheit 9/11'
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — A double-amputee Iraq-war vet is suing Michael Moore for $85 million, claiming he recycled an old interview and used it out of context to make him appear anti-war in "Fahrenheit 9/11."

Sgt. Peter Damon, 33, who strongly supports America's invasion of Iraq, said he never agreed to be in the 2004 movie, which trashes President Bush.

And I hope that Michael Moore pays every cent of that 85 million; but that won't even be enough. What he needs to do is apologize. Apologize to Sgt. Damon and to everyone else he's lied to. He exploited and mislead soldiers for political reasons, under the guise of helping them; "bringing them home." And who wants to bet this won't be headline news?


Monday, May 29, 2006

75 Gitmo Prisoners on Hunger Strike

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The number of Guantanamo Bay detainees staging a hunger strike has grown from three to 75, the U.S. military said Monday.

Navy Cmdr. Robert Durand said from the isolated base in southeast Cuba that the ballooning number of hunger strikers was an "attention-getting" move that may be related to a May 18 clash between 10 detainees and 10 U.S. military guards that left six detainees injured.

I don't know what to say, although the words "just let them starve" come to mind. These people are getting ridiculous. A hunger strike? Give me a break.


Memorial Day

Thank you to all those who served, and happy Memorial Day everyone!


Thursday, May 25, 2006


I just have one thing to say...



Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More nonsense...

Your English Skills:

Punctuation: 100%

Grammar: 60%

Vocabulary: 60%

Spelling: 20%

I never was the best speller...

Your Famous Blogger Twin is InstaPundit

Smart, well-informed, a true polymath
Don't be surprised if your blogging brings you fame as well!

I like this one...

Let me know what you guys get!


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Those peaceful liberals...

Grand Jury Indicts 4 Accused Ecoterrorists for 1998 Vail Firebombing. (all emphasis mine)

DENVER — Four alleged environmental extremists have been indicted in a 1998 firebombing at the Vail ski resort that caused $12 million in damage — one of the most devastating ecoterrorism attacks in U.S. history.

The blaze left a mountain lodge, two restaurants and a few other buildings and ski lifts in smoldering ruins. A shadowy underground group calling itself the Earth Liberation Front claimed responsibility and said it had targeted Vail because it was expanding into potential habitat of the lynx, an endangered cat.

The Oregon indictment named William C. Rodgers as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Vail attack. Rodgers committed suicide in an Arizona jail in December, two weeks after he was arrested in connection with three other ecoterror attacks in the West.

In the Oregon indictments, the four were accused of a string of crimes, including the topling of an 80-foot electrical transmission tower and arson attacks on meat and timber companies, a car dealership and a Bureau of Land Management wild horse center.

Is it just me, or do these people remind you of children who don't get their way? And I guess to them it's fine and dandy to endanger people who might be endangering animals?

I don't know know if you've ever seen on the Andy Griffith show when Barney is describing Ernest T. Bass, but it seems to fit this, except this isn't so funny.

Andy: If you ask me, this Ernest T. Bass is a strange and weird character.
Briscoe Darling: Just plain ornery is what he is.
Barney: I think he's a nut!



Ray Nagin Wins Re-Election.
NEW ORLEANS — Voters re-elected Mayor Ray Nagin, the colorful leader whose blunt style endeared him to some but outraged others after Hurricane Katrina, giving him four more years to oversee one of the largest rebuilding projects in U.S. history.

I guess voters got what they wanted. But how could anybody want this moron? It will be amusing to see what he'll say next. That's one good thing, I guess.

"It's time for us to stop the bickering," [Nagin] said. "It's time for us to stop measuring things in black and white and yellow and Asian. It's time for us to be one New Orleans."

So I guess he's given up on getting that shining chocolate city on a hill. Oh, well.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No more Mommy and Daddy.

Hat tip: But I Can Hear You.

Bill barring 'mom,' 'dad' from texts passes.

The California state Senate today passed a bill that removes sex-specific terms such as "mom" and "dad" from textbooks and requires students to learn about the contributions homosexuals have made to society.

The bill, approved 22-15, would prevent textbooks, teaching materials, instruction and "school-sponsored activities" from reflecting adversely on anyone based on sexual orientation or actual or perceived gender.

When I first heard about this bill and and posted about it, I didn't think it would actually pass. I can't believe it did, except that this is California after all. The bill still has to go before the State Assembly legislation (where it will likely pass) and the Governator's desk, where we can hope he will veto it.

This is ridiculous. It really has nothing to do with Homosexuality. It's just common sense asking where will this stop? If we can't say Mom or Dad, will textbooks not have drawings of anything male or female, animal or human? Can we not say him or her? This is just too stupid to believe.


Monday, May 15, 2006

All 50 States Failing Teacher Qualifications.

WASHINGTON — Not a single state will have a highly qualified teacher in every core class this school year... The Education Department on Friday ordered every state to explain how it will have 100 percent of its core teachers qualified — belatedly — in the 2006-07 school year.
In the meantime, some states face the loss of federal aid because they didn't make enough effort to comply on time, officials said.

And tell me again, why do we need vouchers? I don't care what people say about church and state and whatever; they're not unconstitutional. The throw money at the problem solution obviously doesn't work - look at No Child Left Behind. If funding and "support" like that doesn't make our public schools a better place, nothing will. Competition is the only thing that works. And last time I checked, we are still a Capitalistic nation.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Where I get my strong views.

The other day, my Mom and Grandmother and I were looking through some old stuff of my Grandmother's when we came across an old letter that my great-Grandfather had written to someone 30 years ago at least. Even though it's old, I think he expresses some really good political opinions that are still valid today. You'll see where I get my strong opinions from :)

"I am writing you a letter. A rather long one. I hope you will take time to read it carefully, as have done a great deal of pondering over how to explain my feelings, or thoughts about what I will be writing in the following pages.

I have read in Unites States history about the growth of what we like to call Our Country. I found that our forefathers were people who were not as spineless as some of their descendants in Washington are proving to be. History proves that to be an outstanding fact."

[He then goes on to comment on all the wars and conflicts the US was involved in from the conflict with the Barbary States to Spain. It's rather long, so I won't put it here.]

"In all those wars we won, mostly because our Government people were not afraid they would miss a vote on next election day. They were not old palsied, asinine, idealistic dreamers, such as manage to keep control in Washington today. They were realists, who were working for our whole Country’s good, not working for the North nor the South, nor for the good of their party. They worked, first for the U.S.A. All [of] their [other] reasons came secondary with them.

At the end of World War I, which we helped win at great financial cost and loss of lives, we began to develop a new type of Government officials. Woodrow Wilson must have been entering the period of, so called, second childhood when he helped dream up the wonderful League of Nations. It’s needless for me to tell you it was a complete failure, because something that is built upon rosy dreams by old idealists will not stand up to the realities of hard headed bare facts of life. In the 1930's after we had began to develop the new type of Politician, the dreamer, the idealist, or you might say the kind of person who refuses to read the hand writing on the wall

Ok, the letter goes on a little about that and then ends abrubtly in the middle of a sentence. So I guess that's all, I just thought you guys would like reading it.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Absolutely disgusting.

I usually try to keep my blog G-rated, but I couldn't let this pass. From Fox News. Empahsis mine.

Group: U.N. Peacekeepers Trading Food for Sex.
MONROVIA, Liberia — Aid workers and U.N. peacekeepers are trading food for sex with young girls in Liberian camps housing those left homeless by years of war, an aid group said Monday.

Save the Children, which surveyed nearly 160 children and about 170 adults who were either living in camps or had recently returned home, said they were repeatedly told of girls having sex with older men in exchange for money, food and other goods.

This is an absolutely horrible way of preying on vunerable children. It's despicable. I've long thought the UN is useless and needs to be disbanded, but this is beyond useless, it's criminal. At the very least, we need to get out of the Useless Nothings and stop trying to pretend they do any good.


So bizarre.

This is from Fox News.

A task force at Colorado University in Boulder is recommending that the school convert more bathrooms into unisex facilities in order to prevent discrimination against "gender queer" individuals on campus, according to the Daily Camera.

The new bathrooms, if they are built, will be designated by a special icon, half of which is wearing a dress and the other half wearing pants.

Hmm. Oookay. All I can say is I know where I will not be going to college in about 3 years. Gender neutral bathrooms. Yeah.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

On a lighter note:

Your Linguistic Profile:

45% General American English

40% Dixie

10% Yankee

5% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern

AAAAAK!! You mean I don't speak all Dixie? 10% Yankee?! Oh, no! Seriously, I don't have much of a Southern accent. I have lived all my life in the South.

You Are 25% Redneck

The wheels still turning, but the hamster's dead.

You're just fakin' bein' a redneck.


You Are a Boxer Puppy

Energetic, playful and good with kids.
You've also got a wild spirit that can't be trained or tamed.

Couldn't I have at least gotten a CUTE breed of dog?

You Aren't Scary, You're Scared

Probably even scared to see how this quiz came out!

Alright, this is the last one I'll do!



Am I here right now?! I'm listening to the reading of the verdict, and what am I hearing? His early childhood, his father abandoned him, racism, he lived in a homeless shelters! Call me crazy, but living in a homeless shelter DOES NOT turn you into a heartless killer. Neal Cavuto just stated the fact that it will be $100, 000 a year to support this slimey sub-human. 100 grand a year!?


Moussaoui Verdict coming within minutes.

I'm watching Fox, waiting for the verdict. It should be any minute now. I have had thoughts about making him a martyr, but I have pretty much come to believe that he definitely needs to face death. The verdict should be any minute now.

OK, here it comes.

Life In Prison. No more words necessary. Why should this slime live? If he actually were going to be greated by 72 virgins, I'd think, no martyrdom. But WHY should he be supported by our taxes for the rest of his days?


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My favorite Idols

OK, you know I'm indecisive when I picked two out of five! But here they are:


Elliot. He has a great, soulful voice, first off. It's really close, but I think he's probably the best male vocalist. Not only that, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Very sweet. And he makes Paula cry. Adds something to the show, for sure. And he's definitely "one funky white dude." (I DID NOT say that, Paula did, when she stopped sobbing.)

Taylor! Just gotta love this guy. First off, he can't dance (or kick over mic stands.) But he sure can sing! And he seems like a really nice guy, too. And a funky white dude. SOUL PATROL!