Wednesday, January 04, 2006

David Letterman: "I'm not smart enough to debate Bill O'Reilly"

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin. The Political Teen has the video.

That is one thing I certainly believe. Bill O'Reilly was on Letterman's show last night, and ol' Dave came out in true moonbat fashion. First he said "I'm not smart enough to debate your point on this," then he said sixty percent of what O'Reilly says is "crap," then he ever so gleefully admitted that, no, he doesn't watch The Factor, he just "knows." Hmm. . . sounds about like the average intellectual liberal.

Liberal: The war is bad!
Conservative: Why?
Liberal: Bush is bad!
Conservative: Clinton, Kerry, Kennedy and others agreed that there were WMDs in Iraw, that is, before it became fashionable to say otherwise.
Liberal: You are such a fascist!!
Conservative: Don't you think Iraq is better without Saddam?
Liberal: The war is bad!

Sound familiar?