Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Al-Jazeera Airs Tape of American Journalist Hostage

From Fox News.

CAIRO, Egypt — American journalist Jill Carroll will be killed unless
the United States frees all female prisoners in Iraq, according to a videotape
aired on Arab television Tuesday.

Don't you just love those peaceful Muslims? The first thing I thought was this: I wonder if she's being allowed to practice her religion and provided with the tools to do so? I wonder if she's getting 3 warm meals a day - meals that accommodate her religious preferences, of course? I wonder if she's living better than she was living back home? I really doubt it. And that is why I get mad when people complain about G'itmo and so-called torture. I don't know of any Muslim prisoners that have been beheaded yet. As of now; feeding them cold meals is supposedly inhuman. Well, just ask Dick Durbin. He should know.

    I can just hope and pray that she will come home safely.