Sunday, January 08, 2006

Just having fun here . . .

This is a meme that Robosquirrel did. It seemed like fun, so here it is. The point of it is to pick a band/artist and then answer questions about yourself using titles of the band's songs. I deleted some of the questions that didn't apply to me, and added a few of my own.

My band/artist: Dolly Parton
Are you female or male: Just Because I'm a Woman
Describe yourself: Red, White and Bluegrass
How do some people feel about you: Here You Come Again
How do you feel about yourself: We Irish
Describe where you want to be: In The Pines
Describe what you want to be: Eagle When She Flies
Describe how you live: I Believe
Describe how you love: Marry Me
Share a few words of wisdom: Hold Fast To The Right
Describe your looks: The Camel's Heart
Describe people that really get on your nerves: Peace Train
Where do you live? Home for Pete's Sake
Describe your average neighbor: Hillbilly Willy

Alright - I'll stop thinking up questions to match the songs . . .