Thursday, May 11, 2006

Where I get my strong views.

The other day, my Mom and Grandmother and I were looking through some old stuff of my Grandmother's when we came across an old letter that my great-Grandfather had written to someone 30 years ago at least. Even though it's old, I think he expresses some really good political opinions that are still valid today. You'll see where I get my strong opinions from :)

"I am writing you a letter. A rather long one. I hope you will take time to read it carefully, as have done a great deal of pondering over how to explain my feelings, or thoughts about what I will be writing in the following pages.

I have read in Unites States history about the growth of what we like to call Our Country. I found that our forefathers were people who were not as spineless as some of their descendants in Washington are proving to be. History proves that to be an outstanding fact."

[He then goes on to comment on all the wars and conflicts the US was involved in from the conflict with the Barbary States to Spain. It's rather long, so I won't put it here.]

"In all those wars we won, mostly because our Government people were not afraid they would miss a vote on next election day. They were not old palsied, asinine, idealistic dreamers, such as manage to keep control in Washington today. They were realists, who were working for our whole Country’s good, not working for the North nor the South, nor for the good of their party. They worked, first for the U.S.A. All [of] their [other] reasons came secondary with them.

At the end of World War I, which we helped win at great financial cost and loss of lives, we began to develop a new type of Government officials. Woodrow Wilson must have been entering the period of, so called, second childhood when he helped dream up the wonderful League of Nations. It’s needless for me to tell you it was a complete failure, because something that is built upon rosy dreams by old idealists will not stand up to the realities of hard headed bare facts of life. In the 1930's after we had began to develop the new type of Politician, the dreamer, the idealist, or you might say the kind of person who refuses to read the hand writing on the wall

Ok, the letter goes on a little about that and then ends abrubtly in the middle of a sentence. So I guess that's all, I just thought you guys would like reading it.