Sunday, May 21, 2006

Those peaceful liberals...

Grand Jury Indicts 4 Accused Ecoterrorists for 1998 Vail Firebombing. (all emphasis mine)

DENVER — Four alleged environmental extremists have been indicted in a 1998 firebombing at the Vail ski resort that caused $12 million in damage — one of the most devastating ecoterrorism attacks in U.S. history.

The blaze left a mountain lodge, two restaurants and a few other buildings and ski lifts in smoldering ruins. A shadowy underground group calling itself the Earth Liberation Front claimed responsibility and said it had targeted Vail because it was expanding into potential habitat of the lynx, an endangered cat.

The Oregon indictment named William C. Rodgers as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Vail attack. Rodgers committed suicide in an Arizona jail in December, two weeks after he was arrested in connection with three other ecoterror attacks in the West.

In the Oregon indictments, the four were accused of a string of crimes, including the topling of an 80-foot electrical transmission tower and arson attacks on meat and timber companies, a car dealership and a Bureau of Land Management wild horse center.

Is it just me, or do these people remind you of children who don't get their way? And I guess to them it's fine and dandy to endanger people who might be endangering animals?

I don't know know if you've ever seen on the Andy Griffith show when Barney is describing Ernest T. Bass, but it seems to fit this, except this isn't so funny.

Andy: If you ask me, this Ernest T. Bass is a strange and weird character.
Briscoe Darling: Just plain ornery is what he is.
Barney: I think he's a nut!