Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why is it easier for me to attack the Republicans?

With John McCain leading for the GOP nomination coronation, there's a lot of talk about jumping on the McCain bandwagon to "keep Hillary out of the office." And, as some of you might know, I've never supported John McCain, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. And I personally take issue with that statement of voting for the (supposed) lesser of two evils. I do find myself in a dilemna, because I can't bring myself to support someone I don't agree with, no matter their party. Right now, I really don't know who I'll vote for if there isn't a viable third party candidate and McCain does in fact get the nomination.

But back on topic. Over this election season, for the few months I've been active, I've caught a lot, and I mean a whole lot of flack from Romney, Guiliani, Huckabee and McCain supporters about my protesting and speaking against a "fellow Republican." Once, an older lady approached me at a rally as I was holding Ron Paul signs, and scolded me like a child. "I've never seen this in all my twenty years of voting! We're supposed to be united against Democrats!" I tried to tell her that her candidate didn't represent Republican values, but she didn't seem to want to listen.

And that's something I hear often; attack the Democrats, stay loyal to the party no matter what, and vote for someone you don't believe in. Why? I suppose I could write every forum or blog post about the "evils of Liberalism", and why I'm not a Democrat, but that would be rather redundant, would it not? Let me see, I disagree on several fundamental issues like taxing, Federal power, the proposed socializing of Healthcare, gun rights...I could go on. I have a moral objection to abortion, and feel that it should be illegal. I'm obviously never going to be a Democrat, so I see no purpose in rehashing the same things over and over.

But what about my own party? I'm of the opinion that the Republican party that once stood for Conservative values has abandoned some of these basic values, and become an elitist party with little to stand on but the War. The Iraq war has been an issue for little more than five years. The Repubican party is much older than the war. I also take issue with things like the Patriot Act and No Child Left Behind. Decreased Federal power used to be the very essense of Republicanism. Now, if a candidate - or anyone for that matter - is against the Patriot Act, they're labeled anti-American. If they oppose the vast Federal expansion of No Child Left Behind, they're called a liberal. And, if they don't want the Federal government defining marriage, they're labeled "anti-Family." And this is why I support someone like Ron Paul. This is why the Primary season has been exciting this year, and this is why I will continue to disagree with and criticize Republicans. I want to see the Republican party go back to its basic values, I want my party to become my party again, not George W. Bush's party.

Wow, I ramble a lot now, don't I?