Monday, February 04, 2008

In 2008, I support...

Ok, in a lame attempt to revive this blog, I'm going to ask a few question and then we'll talk about it :). My answers are below, they're certainly not complete and I have plenty more to back up my arguments, but alas! I have to get to school, so it's brief.

Who do you support, and why, in 2008 for your respective party? Ron Paul, because he's the only candidate who's always been consistent on issues like 2nd Amendment rights, the Right to Life, decreased Federal power and taxing. His foreign policy ideas are almost a smaller issue for me, but I do agree with those as well. In the past I've been a supporter of the Iraq war, but I've reached the point where I can't keep justifying it. It's pretty much the same for the Patriot Act, I don't know why we Republicans like so much to argue "Yes! Take away rights! And don't question!" because, frankly, it's ridiculous. No, I don't think the Government is spying on me, because really, I doubt they care, but things like the Patriot Act give it the ability to. And that, in and of itself, is wrong. Like I said, I have much more, but I don't really have time to go into it...

Who's your second choice if your candidate doesn't receive the nomination? Ron Paul, as an idependent, although I don't know if he'll run as one. If not, I don't know, because I really, really don't want my first vote to be for the lesser of two evils.

What would make you vote for the opposite party in 2008? Mike Huckabee being the Republican nominee and having no one else in the race.

That's all, my dear readers, however few of you are left. I'll be back to check comments and defend my points later. :)