Monday, February 04, 2008

Stupid people

Below is an approximate transcript between Random classmate of mine #1, Random classmate of mine #2, and yours truly. For the sake of both anonymity and brevity, I shall rename them Tom and Jerry.

Tom: So, dude, y'know after that Virginia Tech thing *laughs* Man, I thought that was you, 'cause you like said how much you loved Fidel Castro.
Me (turning to Jerry): How the HELL can you like Fidel Castro?
Jerry: He's a patriot, man. Viva la rev-uh-loo-tion!
Me: Dude, seriously, how the hell can you support him? He's a pig. He's been in charge of one of the most brutal dictatorships in this century.
Jerry (smirking): I don't see people getting tortured over there or nothing.
Me (blinking): Have you ever read about their prisons? They were and are HORRIBLE. They imprison and torture people simply because they aren't communists!
Jerry (still smirking): Well, America like tortures people at Abu Grahb and stuff. [*Changing the subject*] Bay of Pigs! Yeah!
Me: Yes, that was horrible, an example of American politicians claiming to stand up for victims of horrible crimes against humanity and then not following through. Then, we symbolically wash their hands with the trade embargo.
Jerry: No dude, like, Castro won! *pumps fist* Yeah!
Me: I wish you'd talk to my Spanish teacher, or some people I know from Miami...
Jerry(cutting me off): Are they Cuban?
Me: Yes...
Jerry: Well, you can't trust those Cubans; they just, like, hate him.
Me: *Sigh*

Stupid people make my brain hurt.