Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ray Nagin up for re-election.

"Angry Voters Prepare to Pick New Orleans Mayor."

"...Some people in New Orleans are angry about the government response to Hurricane Katrina and want to render judgment as the city casts ballots for mayor, city council and most every other elected official, from sheriff to assessor. Many want to look ahead.

Any verdict on Mayor Ray Nagin's leadership, or any of the proposals to move forward, has been swallowed up by recriminations, paranoia and anger. There is fear — and hope — that the city may elect its first white mayor in three decades.

[When] Nagin won in 2002... his toughest opponent was the black police chief. Now, his most serious challengers are two white men.

Nagin says he's convinced 'the black vote is definitely coalescing' around him."

Ahh... could that be racial lines forming in the vote? I hope we can expect more from NO voters, but everybody knows that Mr. Ray-Chocolate-City is all to eager to invoke race (probably because that's all he's smart enough to do.) What I don't understand is how anyone could want Nagin again, black or white. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.