Saturday, December 31, 2005

Does this sound familiar?

I was watching "Snow Dogs" on TV, and something happened. I thought that the whole "Tookie" thing was over, but it's not - the guy's still around! Only now he's a metaphor for himself on a new ABC TV show - "In Justice." Read this:

"In Justice is a completely new take on the procedural drama.
Focusing on cases of justice run amok -- sloppy police work, false testimony and
biased juries -- the National Justice Project is a high-profile, non-profit
organization made up of hungry young associates who approach their work like a
puzzle... a puzzle that's been put together wrong."
Has anyone seen the promo? Although the show's premiere episode will be about a (white) female former junkie, you can guess who you see on the promo - a wrongly convicted black man sentenced to life in prison. And if I had to guess, I'd say that the reason the guy was wrongly convicted had something to do with his race, and he probably was involved with a gang, etc. Now I don't know this, but I would sure bet that's what it is, or at least something similar to that.

This whole thing makes me angry. We hear all the time about people "wrongly convicted," because they were a minority, but do we hear about people who aren't convicted because of their race or the fact that they're famous, or maybe that they got a good defense lawyer? Maybe "Injustice" is precisely why I want to be a Prosecutor.