Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What I don't hear.

I hear about all the Iraqis who are unhappy with the Election and allege fraud.
I don't hear that they would have had their tongues cut out if they'd tried to protest one of Saddam's "Elections."

I hear about wiretapping and how it's illegial, and how we're turning fascist.
I don't hear about all the people who are still alive as a result of listening to a known terrorist's telephone calls.

I hear about Abu Ghraib, G'itmo, and human rights abuses.
I don't hear about the countless good that our soldiers around the world are doing.

I hear about the killers sentenced to die for their crimes.
I don't hear about their victims who were murdered without reason.

I hear from the screaming, lunatic, liberal, race-mongerors in New Orleans.
I don't hear from the grateful, sane, multi-racial people in Mississippi and Alabama.

I hear about racist white people.
I don't hear about racist black people.

I hear from people who oppose Army recruiters.
I don't hear from Army recruiters themselves.

I hear about Bush starting two illegal wars, and how he should be impeached, and why we're hated in the world.
I don't hear about the people who are living in freedom, the women who can go out of the house without their husbands, who can show their faces, or the first free Election in 30 years.

I hear that Saddam never had any WMD's or wanted to use them.
I don't see the pictures of dead Kurds in the streets.

I hear about the "right-leaning" Fox News Channel.
I don't hear about the truly left-leaning Mainstream media.

I could go on and on. What you don't know can hurt you.