Friday, November 11, 2005

More Debate Questions . . .

That last post went well, so I decided to post more questions sooner than I'd planned (don't worry, y'all - I won't put so many this time :)

Regarding SCOTUS pick Samuel Alito:

1: Are you happy with the President's pick?

2: Was there someone more qualified?

3: Which Supreme Court issues do you care about most?

4: Which will affect you personally, in your everyday life?

5: Is it wrong for a President to appoint someone who agrees with him politically?

For Liberals:

6: Why don't you want a "Conservative leaning" court?

7: Will it actually affect you if the Court becomes that?

For Conservatives:

8: Why do you want a "Conservative leaning" court?

9: Or do you?

10: Yup, you guessed it - how will having one affect your everyday life?

That's all - I'll have to comment with my answers this time.

And thanks so much for all the responses on my last post!