Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Peeping Tom" cleared by Oklahoma Court

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A man accused of using a camera to take pictures under the skirt of an unsuspecting 16-year-old girl at a Tulsa store did not commit a crime, a state appeals court has ruled.

The state Court of Criminal Appeals voted 4-1 in favor of Riccardo Gino Ferrante, who was arrested in 2006 for situating a camera underneath the girl's skirt at a Target store and taking photographs.

Ferrante, now 34, was charged under a "Peeping Tom" statute that requires the victim to be "in a place where there is a right to a reasonable expectation of privacy." Testimony indicated he followed the girl, knelt down behind her and placed the camera under her skirt.

Crazy, just crazy. Vehicles, streets, stores. Where else are we going to not have a "reasonable expectation of privacy"?

And I know that laws change from state to state, but I'm almost positive that in my state, this man would've been convicted of lewd behavior towards a minor, and been listed in the sex offender registry. I can't see how the court could say he did nothing wrong.

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