Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"Super Tuesday II"

Clinton wins Ohio, Texas; McCain effectively gets GOP nomination.

Well, I'm not surprised with the results...

As for my candidate -- Ron Paul is still hanging on 'til the Convention, and with the situation with delegates there is a slight, tiny, little speck of hope, but Huckabee dropping out doesn't help. Honestly, I think it's sad that Ron Paul has been blacked out my the media and his party because he didn't take the pro-Iraq stance, but the fight for Constitutionalism is far from over - and a lot of it starts at the local level.

But as for the media's darlings - no, Clinton's not going anywhere, she's going to hang on by her bootstraps as long as she possibly can. She's been planning this run for many years, she's not going to go away. I believe firmly she and Obama both are horrible choices, for a variety of reasons which won't be discussed here, as most of you are Republicans and wouldn't vote for either anyway.

As for McCain, I agree with him on the right to life, gun control and find his current, moderated views on taxing slightly better than the Democrats. I disagree with him on just about everything else. And, as most of you know, I'm absolutely not going to vote for the lesser of two evils. I haven't liked McCain for a long time - didn't like him in 2000, didn't like him in 2004 (especially when he condemned the Swift Boat Vets,) and I don't like him now.

Right now, the best thing that McCain has going for him in the National race is the presense of Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader and (presumably sometime soon) Mike Gravel as liberal third-party candidates. Aside from that, I think his chances are slim to none.

Well, my dear readers, I have a statistics test in about 45 minutes (*groan*) so I leave you with a Youtube video yet again. ;) The sentiments expressed at :54 match mine...

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