Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Aren't you glad...?

From The Modesto Bee.

"It is wonderful to see that the Republican Party has chosen John McCain as its probable nominee. We won't have to listen to Ron Paul talking about freedom and restoring the Constitution and a sound monetary system anymore.

We can now move on as a nation with open borders, higher taxes, runaway inflation, more manufacturing jobs moving out of America, higher gas prices, a national ID card where our government can keep track of us 24 hours a day, a private banking system called the Federal Reserve system that can cause boom or bust at any time, a 100-year war with Iraq, our troops in every nation.

We won't have to listen to Paul wanting to restore the republic that our forefathers set up. What a waste of time to think we can become a nation of freedoms again. We need to continue paying our income taxes so that we can pay the interest on our national debt. It's great to see that the Republican Party wants to remain status quo and not interrupt any of our systems all in the name of democracy..."

Aren't you glad that silly man is gone?

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