Sunday, February 19, 2006

Muslims Target U.S. Embassy in Indonesia.

    From Fox News.

    JAKARTA, Indonesia — Hundreds of Muslims protesting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad tried to storm the U.S. Embassy on Sunday, smashing the windows of a guard post but failing to push through the gates. Several people were injured.

    In Turkey, tens of thousands gathered in Istanbul chanting slogans against Denmark, Israel and the United States.

    I am getting down-right sick of this. OK, so I've been down-right sick of this for quite a while. It's irritating and babyish and shameless demogogery from people apparantly too stupid to express their views any other way.

    And did you notice the second paragraph? What does Israel and the US have to do with it? I guess they don't really need any excuse to hate Jews or Americans, but the cartoons have served as a rather good one.

    And tell me, with all the raving hate against Jews and Americans, have you ever seen anything like this from the our side or the Jewish side?