Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Anti-Muslim/Anti-Jew - a Comparison.

In all the confusion surrounding the riots and protests and all - has anyone ever seen the cartoons this is all about? The MSM is not showing them for fear of using their right to free speech, and all I've heard is "Cartoons insulting Muhammed." So why don't we compare one of the Anti-Muslim cartoons to an Anti-Jewish cartoon printed in an Arab newspaper?

This is one of the cartoons printed in the Danish newspaper.

This one, as you can see, shows the Prophet telling suicide bombers that there aren't anymore virgins. I thought this one was the funniest, plus it makes a good point. Now, for the anti-Jewish cartoon...

This one shows Israeli soldiers gleefully slaughtering Palastenian children and fellow Jews drinking their blood. Disgusting, not funny, horrible, despicable. This cartoon makes no point. All it is is pure hate against the Jewish people.

And do you see any riots? Any protests or flag burnings? Of course not. So why does the media love Islam?