Thursday, February 09, 2006

A short musical rant.

(ht: Big White Hat)

What has happened to Country music? I used to hear decent songs on the radio when I tuned it to the Country station. Alright, I didn't, I'm only 15 and Country has been pretty much awful all my life :) But what has happened to this Genre? Can't we let the pop and rock stay on the pop and rock stations? Grr... OK, I'll stop ranting now, but just compare.

"Back through the years I go wanderin' once again
Back to the seasons of my youth
I do recall this box of rags that someone gave us
And how my mama put those rags to use
There were rags of many colors
Every piece was small
I didn't have a coat
And it was way down in the fall
Mama sewed the rags together
Sewin' every piece with love
She made my coat of many colors
That I was so proud of
While Mama sewed she told a story
From the Bible she had read
About a coat of many colors
Joseph wore, and then she said
I hope this coat will bring you
Good luck and happiness
And I just couldn't wait to wear it
And mama blessed it with a kiss

My coat of many colors that my mama made for me
Made only from rags, but I wore it so proudly
Although we had not money, I was rich as I could be
In my coat of many colors, my mama made for me."
"The best thing about being a woman
Is the prerogative to have a little fun and...

Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy--forget I'm a lady
Men's shirts--short skirts
Oh, oh, oh, really go wild--yeah, doin' it in style
Oh, oh, oh, get in the action--feel the attraction
Color my hair--do what I dare
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free--yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man! I feel like a woman!"

What happened?!