Saturday, December 17, 2005

A post about nothing.

It's late, I'm bored and bleary-eyed sleepy, and have nothing to blog about. So - a post about nothing. Or should I say, a chronicle of my day. Which is basically the same thing.

Today in church we had our Christmas Cantata and Christmas program. 3 kids who were to be in the program went AWOL, but we got that worked out - my sister and I filled in. Then there was the live nativity scene with the younger kids. It was very touching until the angels and shepherds started fighting over harps and Baby Jesus. Oh, well. And my 13 yr. old brother was Joseph. It embarrassed him greatly to be seen in front of church in a bathrobe. Anyway - we get to the Cantata. I was in the choir and had a wonderful time screeching, uh . . . I mean singing. I fear I should not have been singing soprano. I did have a hard time fighting back laughter when, halfway through our first number, the cardboard stable went ker-plunk. I swore I wouldn't make a fool of myself in front of church again, but I guess it just comes naturally - I always seem to get tickled by something - usually right as I start singing or speaking. *Sigh* I need to grow up a little, don't I?

Anyway, tonight we went to a handbell program. The music was flawless and beautiful, but sadly had about the effect as elevator music. After about 45 minutes I was starting to get rather drowsy.

And now here I sit - up way too late. Never fear - I shall be back to political blogging just as soon as I can think coherently :)