Saturday, December 10, 2005

On Air Marshals and bomb threats. . .

Family of Man Shot by Air Marshals Demands Explanation of Killing.

RIO CLARO DE GOLFITO, Costa Rica — Family members of a man who was shot dead by air marshals in Miami after allegedly announcing he had a bomb demanded an explanation of the killing from U.S. authorities Friday.
"I can't understand why U.S. authorities killed my son in this way. He was not a terrorist," Carlos Alpizar, the 72-year old father of Rigoberto Alpizar told The Associated Press in the family home in Rio Claro de Golfito, near the Panama border about 190 miles south of Costa Rica's capital, San Jose.
"Rigoberto loved everything about his second country," he said "And look, they killed him like a dog."


Not to sound crass or anything, but I don't think there is any need for an explanation. He said he had a bomb in his bag; then reached for his bag. Were the Air Marshals supposed to stop and phycoanalize him? There just wasn't time.