Monday, December 12, 2005

Blog Tag

Rebekah tagged me.
Here are the rules of the game. When you are tagged you must blog about 5 oddball habits that you have, then you must tag 5 more people.

OK, here goes:

1: I let my 50-lb. Australian Shepherd/Lab to sleep on my twin-sized bed with me. I have to kick her off sometimes when she starts hogging the bed.

2: (I was reading Daniel at Raving Conservative's account of his oddball habits, and realized I have it, too.) Watch-Shaking. I am constantly shaking my hand to reposition my watch, mostly because I don't like wearing a watch unless it fits loosely.

3: I am rather obsessive about making spelling errors. If I don't know how to spell something, I always look it up to see how to.

4: I watch The A-Team. I really do. Alright, stop laughing . . .

5: Weird songs always get stuck in my head. I'll be in Wal-Mart or somewhere and find myself singing "Grandma got run over by a reindeer . . ."

(I tagged Cody at The Better Wing, Alabama at Alabama Improper, Rick at Being RIGHT, Plaidbaron at Politics, and Giantcu92 at Randomness & Chaos.)