Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On Wal-Mart and Christmas . . .

While ridiculous "Holiday Gift Wrapping" "Ho, Ho, Ho, Happy Holidays", etc., promotional posters still abound at Wal-Mart, I am pleased to report that very few Wal-Mart employees in my neck of the woods bother with the "Happy Holidays" nonsense. I shop at Wal-Mart often, and most cashiers that I've seen recently have made a point to say "Merry Christmas", and more than once. And you know what; I haven't yet heard a single complaint. Several of my local news anchors have also been making a point to say "Merry Christmas" whenever possible, and a clerk at a local "Dollar Tree" store recently wished us a very enthusiastic Merry Christmas as we checked out. And you guessed it, there haven't been any complaints about that either.