Monday, August 18, 2008

Police using GPS to thwart the 4th Amendment

From CNN.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- It's the stuff crime movies are made of: Determined police officers shadowing their suspect as he drives around town, watching and waiting for his next move, always careful not to lose him.

David Lee Foltz Jr. faces trial on abduction and sexual battery charges after police tracked him using GPS.

But now, investigators can track a potential bad guy without ever leaving their desks, thanks to the Global Positioning System, or GPS.

The technology is easy to use and the devices are hard to detect.

All police have to do is attach a GPS receiver to a suspect's car and they easily go along for the ride online, tracking the individual's exact location in real time from their computer.

But because investigators often track without a warrant, privacy advocates say the tactic threatens to monitor innocent people as well.

"Those who would give up essential freedom for temporary security neither deserve nor receive either."

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