Thursday, April 03, 2008

Florida House Committee passes Abortion bill

From Fox 7 in Miami and Medical News Today.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- All women seeking an abortion would first have to have an ultrasound and be given the opportunity to view the results under a measure approved by a Florida House committee Thursday.

But a more controversial requirement that would have forced women to wait 24 hours before having the procedure was dropped in the face of opposition from moderates in the Legislature.

Florida already requires ultrasounds on any women seeking abortions in the second or third trimester. The bill would require ultrasounds before all abortions, and compel abortion providers to tell the woman she has the option of viewing the sonogram.

The woman wouldn't have to view the image under the legislation.

Read the entire bill here.

Well, I'm obviously in favor of this bill, but I wish that it could be passed with stricter restrictions so it could directly challenge Roe v. Wade. Either way, I'm glad Florida's taking a few steps to protect the rights of the unborn. Of course, this has just passed committee, it still has to be passed by the entire House and Senate and then be signed by Governer Crist, but this is an important step.

But speaking of the Court, do you think 2008 could be like 1973? Several landmark, bad cases and laws were decided or passed by the more liberal-leaning Supreme Court and Congress in that year (Roe v. Wade, the War Powers Resolution,) and if more States would step up and take advantage of the 10th amendment, we might get long-standing bad case law overturned.

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