Thursday, February 02, 2006

I don't exist!!

Or maybe I'm ethereal or a ghost or, well, just read this (italics in red are my words):

"Joke or real?

I'm not sure if I find it scary, or annoying, or some combination of both. It's apparently (and I italicize that word for a reason) a group of four siblings with their own blogs.

Two of these siblings are twin girls, fifteen-year-olds: Eye of the Storm and In the Pines and their two younger brothers, : The Gun Dude The Lone Ranger.
Yup, no argument there.

Eye of the Storm is nothing but politics, but it's foaming-at-the-mouth anti-democrat politics uhh... she's a Republican?, and a bit of racism. Because we know how racially tolerant the party of Robert Byrd is. Are we to believe that a 15 year old girl with a pink blog would blog about Alito, liberals, and Canadian elections, and toss off a phrase like "maddening vociferous rhetoric?" Don't worry, I'll tell her not to use any more "big words."

The other twin's blog doesn't seem so bad What an insult coming from a liberal til you start reading comments and see that not only is it anti-democrat and anti-liberal, it's also more than a little racist, and anti-Muslim (which someone should explain to her is NOT the same as being anti-terrorist.) I don't recall writing anything particularly anti-Muslim, however since I don't see any Muslim leaders coming out against terrorism, so maybe it is closer to the same thing than you think.

The Gun Dude is just a bit scary, since the gun dude himself is a 13 year old who describes himself as a conservative and plans to blog about gun rights. Okay, I just realized that that is equally scary AND funny. What's so unusual about that? Apparantly she's not from the South. Still though, his supposed take on torture is rather interesting. To say the least.

The Lone Ranger seems harmless enough, if you can believe that a seven year old boy would choose to blog about media bias against Bush. Right. For the record, there was only 1 political post. All the posts were completely his, though. He watches Fox News with us almost every night. Would it be better were he obsessed with Sponge Bob?

I dunno. I could maybe believe that one kid in a family could be this odd Honey, if you don't think a whole family can be odd, you apparantly don't get out of the house too much, but four in one family just screams "brainwashing" to me. What a silly thing to say. OF COURSE my parents brainwash me ALL time. And at least one blog does mention that they are home-schooled, so there you go." And you couldn't be showing signs of Public School brainwashing, now could you?

This whole thing is a bit weird. Tell me WHY this woman is so obsessed with us? YES I am weird for a 15-year-old. I probably won't convince her I'm a real teenager, so here are some facts about me that will convince her otherwise, since the poor thing obviously needs some blogging material.

Reader's Digest is my favorite magazine and it has been since I was 8 or 9 years old. Maybe THAT'S why I have an aversion to saying "like" and blabbering worthlessly about makeup and clothes or whatever it is she thinks I should be interested in.

I am planning to read "None Dare Call It Treason," and "Stolen Honor."

I dress like an old lady (so says Rebekah.) What the heck? I was just wearing a gray cardigan. What's wrong with that?

Even when I am not wearing old lady clothes, I have a dislike for looking like a hooker. Which is really odd.

I am a complete anti-feminist who has no desire to work after I'm married. OOOH stone me... I speak blasphemy!

I attend church every week and enjoy it (OH MY IT'S THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT!! ALLAH SAVE US!) Oooh, sorry, didn't mean to be anti-Muslim or anything. I also hate popular church music and love Hymns. "When the roll is called up yonder, when the roll is called up yonder..."

I also LOVE classic country music. Dolly Parton is my favorite. "In the pines, in the pines, where the sun never shines, and you shiver when the cold wind blows..."

I am a vegan redneck. I PROMISE. OK, so I'm somewhat flexi-vegan...

Well, that's all I can think of now, I'm sure that's more, because I'm just a weird person. Ask my siblings. If you, of course, choose to believe they exist.