Monday, February 20, 2006

Iranian Students Attend Suicide Bombing Seminar

Feb. 20, 2006 — A group of potential suicide bombers in Tehran warned the United States and Britain they will attack coalition military bases in Iraq if there is a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities.

An Iranian group calling itself Esteshadion, which translates as "Martyrdom Seekers," hopes to sign up thousands of potential bombers.

As they gather in Tehran at Khajeh Nasir University, these students aren't studying the subtleties of history or science, they're learning about suicide bombings. The students study videos showing suicide attacks around the Middle East and listen to lectures from a former Revolutionary Guard member who praises the use of suicide bombers.

"...they should know that they have interests in some sensitive areas which can be targeted by our suicide attackers," said Muhammad Ali Samadi, one of the movement's leaders. Samadi claims to have trained 1,000 students already.

I don't really have anything to add to this. It's just so crazy.