Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas at our house.

It is five days until Christmas, and not to get overly sentimental or anything, but I thought it'd be a neat idea for everyone to write in what they are going to do for Christmas. I don't want to do any more political posts 'til after Christmas, so here is my first Christmas post.

Well, let me see. On the 23rd, we are going over to my Mom's family for Christmas with my cousins and aunt/uncles/grandparents on that side. We all exchange gifts over there, and it's kind of a mad rush when my Grandmother or Grandfather decrees it is time to open gifts.

On Christmas Eve, it is a Sabbath, and we'll be going to church. It is also communion Sabbath. Adventists, if you were wondering, have the footwashing and communion service only a few times a year, so it is a special Sabbath, as well as being Christmas Eve. I am looking forward to that. I love singing the Christmas carols in church and seeing the wreaths hanging up in the Sanctuary . . . alright I'll stop going on and on.

Christmas day we are opening our own presents here at home, and staying home all day. Christmas day marks one year that we've had our dog Reagan. The fluffy brown puppy is now a 50 + lb. crazy, silly, still puppy-ish dog. But she's a lot of fun.

The day after Christmas we are going to my older sister's house for Christmas with her family (husband and two little boys.) After that we are going to have Christmas at my other Grandmother's house with my Dad's family (there are 14 aunts and uncles, 18 cousins, and 11 or so second cousins over there.) That will be a sad time there since it's our first Christmas without our Grandmother, who died just before Thanksgiving. Over there we don't exchange gifts (too many people :) but it's still fun - though we have a hard time all fitting in the house. Usually the boy cousins play football in the front yard.

Well, I think I've made my post way too long - now I'd like to hear from you guys! It's sometimes nice to hear stories like this from people, you feel like you are talking to a real person, not some anonymous stranger on the internet.