Wednesday, October 19, 2005

American Girls - Pro-Abortion?

This via ABC news.

American Girls, the giant doll company, has recently come under fire for their "I Can" bracelets which contribute to Girls, Inc., an organization openly pro-abortion/homosexual. Some Conservative groups, including the American Family Association, have threatened boycott. I visited and found this page that really puts their views right out there. I also found this statement concerning the Supreme Court. Also on their site is this page with lesbian/bisexual reading resources.

Now, American Girls has a right to donate to anyone they please, but I am disapointed that they would choose to donate to an organiztion that has such a clear political stance, especially one like this. There are many, many other worthy causes to donate money to, so why did they have to donate to this one in particular?

I personally emailed American Girls with my complaint about this. I would encourage others to do the same. You can email them at this address:, or use their form for emails at this page.