Monday, April 21, 2008

ABC News Questions Gore's Use of Computerized Images in "Inconvenient Truth"

From ABC, hat tip to

Al Gore's "traveling global warming show," the award-winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth," includes a long flyover shot of majestic Antarctic ice shelves. But this shot was first seen in the 2004 blockbuster "The Day After Tomorrow." Sculpted from Styrofoam and later scanned into a computer, the ice shelf "flyover" looks real.

Karen Goulekas, the special effects supervisor for "The Day After Tomorrow" said the shot is a digital image. She was glad Al Gore used it in the documentary since "It is one hell of a shot."

And it looks like ol' Al isn't giving up the lie-peddling... as reports, a sequel to Inconvenient Truth is in the works. The media, Congress, and President are eating it up too, passing taxes and restrictions on carbons, and in effect placing the the environment higher than American taxpayers. All the while, questions about the truth of the global warming theory are being resolutely ignored or silenced, while public hype grows.

And we wonder why we get idiots into office? People assume that listening to Al Gore and his band of celebrities will get them all the information they need.

Wake up people!

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