Wednesday, September 14, 2005

He Has To Be Kidding.

I know Howard Dean is rarely sensible, but this interview with FNC's Alan Colmes really caught my attention. Regarding the response to Hurricane Katrina, he first danced around the question as to whether governors have any responisibility, then refered to the Federal Emergency Management Agency as President Bush's "dumping ground" for people who "didn't have anything better to do." Then, completing his politicizing of a tragedy, said; "I mean FEMA used to be incomptetent when George Bush's father was in there. Clinton really cleaned them up . . . and now the president has, you know, messed them up again."

And so the blame game continues. FEMA has problems, of course, and I am sure that part of the blame rests on the President, although certainly not all. But why would the King of Scream let rational thinking get in his way? Nothing Dean says surprises me, but it is disapointing. Using human suffering for political rhetoric is becoming all too common.