Sunday, September 11, 2005

Welcome & Rules

Hope y'all like this blog. I love getting comments, I just have a few simple rules. . .

About comments:

1: No cursing please.

2: No ranting. I understand sometimes getting animated or excited, but if all your comments consist of "I HATE BUSH! YOU GUYS ARE DUMB!" you will be deleted.

3: Don't ask for, or give out, personal information. If you know me, please don't give my full name or exact location.

4: You are welcome to "spam" for your site as much as you want, but advertising products will not be tolerated.

5: Stay on subject.

About linking:

If you link to me let me know, so I can link back. You don't have to agree with me on everything, but I will only link bloggers who are, as a general rule, Conservative thinking. And I probably won't link bloggers who consistently use obsene language. I'm not saying I won't link someone who curses occasionally, but I feel uncomfortable linking people who can't get through a post with out using the "f-word" fifteen times.