Thursday, September 21, 2006

United in Anti-Americanism

NEW YORK — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, appearing Thursday at a Harlem Church for an oil-for-poor event, repeated his 'devil' reference hurled a day earlier at President Bush during a speech at the United Nations.

"They told me that I should be careful after I called him the devil — and I think he is the devil — because he might kill me" Chavez told a crowd packed into the Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Harlem.
"But, I place myself in the hands of God," he said.

Chavez, who was introduced at the podium by activist-actor Danny Glover, was visiting the church as part of ceremonies to announce the sale of discounted home heating oil to qualified low-income families.

I just can't stand to watch this kind of thing. To disagree is one thing, but total anti-Americanism just makes me sick. And I can't understand why we even bother to be a part of the UN.